1.Free drink
・Only tea is eligible for free drinks. Alcoholic beverages are not free.
・Up to one free drink per JCB card. Only one drink per person.
2.Free luggage deposit
・Up to one free luggage deposit per JCB card. Only one luggage deposit per person.
・Your luggage is kept for free until the end of business hours of the shibuya-san tourist information & art center on the day of deposit. If it is extended to the next business day, the usual additional fee will apply.
・Baggage storage space is limited. If there is no space available, this service will not be available.

Campaign Period
2024/4/1 ~ 2025/3/31

How to Participate in the Campaign
[Step 1] Present your passport and JCB card to a member of the shibuya-san staff.
[Step 2] Please inform the member of the shibuya-san staff that you would like to take advantage of the free drink and free luggage deposit service offered by JCB.

・This service is for visitors to Japan. This campaign is not applicable to residents of Japan.
・Each service is available only once during your trip to Japan.
・The offer is not available if your passport is not presented.
・Only cards issued outside Japan are eligible for this campaign.

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