「Our Mission and Vision」
shibuya-san is the first tourist information center that functions as both a tourist information and art center in Japan. As a departure and arrival point for express buses to and from Narita Airport and Haneda Airport, it welcomes and provides tourist information to a large number of tourists and business travelers, and at the same time, consecutively holds a variety of art exhibitions, corporate events, and events in collaboration with nearby schools and organizations.

「Provided services」
Tourist Information, Wi-Fi, Luggage Deposit, Airport Limousine Bus Ticket Sales/ Waiting area, Smartphone Charging, Drinks, Sightseeing pamphlets, Tours, Exhibitions, Gallery talks, Mini Live Performances, Workshops, Corporate Events, Product sales, Art Center, etc.

「Business Lineup」
●Tourist Information
-Introduce Tokyo’s sightseeing spots with the focus on the Shibuya area
-Collect and provide information on the Shibuya area
-Cooperate with other Tourist Information Centers in Shibuya
-Maintenance for tourists (Wi-Fi, Luggage Deposit, Smartphone Charging)
-Organize different tours
- An art center that introduces and provides a place for many artists to express themselves
- Organize independent exhibitions focusing on both domestic and international artists
- Cooperate with nearby museums or theaters to provide art information
- Organize different corporate and product sales events
●Educational Promotion Activities
-Organize different exhibitions together with Gallery Talk sessions and Live Music
-Provide a place to share and discuss art through a variety of workshops and events
-Collaborate with nearby universities and vocational schools
-Provide a place for cultural exchange via different activities such as English conversation events