②約120分間、渋谷エリアの様々なスポットを説明を交えながら回ります。(休憩もあります) ③ツアーの最後にはshibuya-sanでドリンクを飲みながらリラックスしましょう!
■回るエリア: 渋谷、原宿、表参道、恵比寿、代官山
■ガイド料:3000円(電動自転車レンタルとドリンク付き)/ shibuya-sanのインスタやFacebookにフォロワー中の方は2000円


■Duration: 2:00 hours (depending on pace and traffic)
■Flow: After we meet at shibuya-san, we will explore different areas of Shibuya, with some stops and explanations (Shibuya, Harajuku, Omotesando, Ebisu, Daikanyama). The tour will end with a refreshing drink at shibuya-san.
■Price: 3000¥ (incl. electric bicycle rental and one drink)/shibuya-san SNS followers 2000yen
■Max. number of participants: 3 people
■Age restriction: 18 years+ (16 years if accompanied by their parents)


Important (please read carefully):
* In case of rain the tour will be canceled (I will let you know by the evening before the tour).
* Temperatures might be high, so please take precautions against heat stroke.
* If you have a bike helmet, please bring it. You can also rent one for free at shibuya-san.
* Since it is forbidden in Japan to drink alcohol before and when riding a bicycle, please come sober.
* In the unlikely case of an accident, you will be covered by “Red TS Mark Insurance”. For details see: https://www.tmt.or.jp/safety/pdf/English.pdf. Please note that you will be responsible for any costs that exceed the scope of coverage.