Let's practice English and/or Japanese in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, 5 minutes away from Shibuya station!
You will have 30 minutes of ONLY English time and 30 minutes of ONLY Japanese time to talk in small groups of 3-4 people.
Don't worry that you might not have anything to talk about, we have topic cards you can use.
Participants will be of different ages and nationalities, but all with the same goal of improving their language skills and getting to know new people.
So feel free to join, regardless of your level! Our staff will be there to help if needed.

1hour is not enough? Feel free to stay until 19:30 to talk more to the people you enjoyed chatting the most.

■Event date and time:
August 30th 18:30-19:30

500 Yen (including a soft drink)


■Please note
In order to ensure a good experiance for everyone, we reserve the right to refuse bookings from the following types of guests:
○ People who do not show up without any notice
○ Those who promote their business, religion, events or try to hit on someone etc.
○ Those who cause trouble for our staff, our facility or other participants etc.

3~4人の少人数を1グループとして、最初の30分は英語、後半30分は日本語で交流します。 参加者の年齢と国籍に制限はありません。


■日時:2024年8月30日(金) 18:30-19:30